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Welcome To Our Farm-

Welcome To Baas Over Dun, a small rural farm in Colorado whose farm animals all are somewhat spoiled pets and have rather silly names. We are on a path of self sufficiency, a difficult choice in these days of everything instant.

Our Nubian and Alpine goats are milked daily for soap and homemade cheeses. After making a few batches of Goats milk soap we were amazed at the softness of our skin afterwards. We offer limited local raw milk shares. Contact us for more info.

Included in the barnyard are cows,( for raising our own organic beef) chickens for eggs, we recently added some Shetland Sheep ewes for raising lamb and eventually fleece products. Guarding them all is a huge white Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard dog named "Thor".

For almost 25 years we had been breeding, raising and showing Appaloosa foals as Dun-Over Appaloosas. Many colorful quality foals were born and raised here on our small farm, including a good number of Top Ten ApHC and AHQA Champions. Foals went to thier new homes all over the United States, including far reaching locations in Mexico and Alaska. After many successful seasons of raising & showing several colorful champions including a Reserve World Champion and producers of the same World Champions, we decided to reduce our breeding stock and now just have one aged colorful gelding for riding. Our"new" name was derived from our Appaloosa Horse Farm name of “Dun-Over Appaloosas” with a Goaty twist!

We are avid Gardeners in that not only we share our produce from the garden and greenhouse, but we also preserve the results by canning, drying, and freezing.

We invite you to follow our adventures on our blog, but feel free to check out the products made by hand here on the farm

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