We are a small rural farm in Southern Arkansas. After almost 27 yrs of
raising Champion Appaloosas our focus turned to smaller animals, goats,
sheep, chickens, calves etc. But we do still have 2 aged and colorful
appaloosas geldings still hanging around. We have a small acreage that
we is under constant development for sustainability, along with raising
our own hay.

The garden is small but prolific and everything that is not eaten fresh
during the summer is canned for winter. During the winter months a small
greenhouse is used for growing cold tolerant vegetables.

Our Nubian and Alpine goats are milked daily for soap, milk shares and
homemade cheeses. All are somewhat spoiled pets and have rather silly
names. At first was a little overwhelmed on the amount of milk that was
being produced, and researched uses and discovered Goats milk Soap, think
that would just make some fir Christmas presents. But after making a few
batches of the soap we were amazed at the softness of our skin. I graduated
from Cosmetology School many years ago and have long sought out the best
in skin care products, paying high exorbitant prices for the "best".
Never thinking that a treasure could be found in goats milk right in my
backyard. You can find us also a the local farmers markets, selling extra
produce, lotions and soaps!

Many ask about our unusual quirky name, well it was derived from our
Horse Farm name of "Dun-Over Appaloosas" we just put a Goaty
twist on it!

Please follow our blog and share with friends, our goal is to share tips,
recipes, ideas and our adventures with the critters!

Stop by our friendly online store if you are looking for quality handmade
items, We hope that you too are amazed with the qualities and benefits
of using Goats Milk Soap for the whole family! Check back often, as we
will expanding our product line with new and exciting soaps!