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Septic is in and we are just getting ready for the foundation. The weather warmed up nice, as we have been told that  “frost ” in the dirst is a bad thing and costs more to work with, luckily we did not have any! Meanwhile goat   had kids, and sheep had lambs, we also added a couple of turkeys to the farm

Just a little bit hill billy right!

Pikes Peak

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The End of October, we bought almost 5 acres in Florissant Colorado.  mostly flat with an awesome view of Pikes Peak. Lots of Ponderosa Pines, Douglas fir and Aspens.  We bought a 5-th Wheel moved everything here.   One week later the weather was down in the negatives, Trial by fire.


Stages of Wool Processing

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Now how cool is that!! From Sheep to something to wear!! Thanks Arlette for the pictures!’, ‘Stages of Wool Processing Ready to Spin…a good quality wool is  “crimpy ” which allows for easy spinning in to yarn’,

 ‘Just taken from sheep and put in a bag, lots of specks of this and that. The Cleaning is called  “Skirting ” 

Fall coat way before shearing’, ‘Fiona The Sheep’, 

Ranch Dog and Allergic Boy!

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Ranch Dog Guarding the Hay!’

Yellow Chick Black hen….um

Farm Comments Off on Yellow Chick Black hen….um

At least we know who the proud daddy is!