We are a small family farm in Western Grove Ar. We have a beautiful small herd of a Nubian goats that we have been milking for 15 years. With these goats they usually produce more milk than we can use on our own, so we are offering limited days for fresh goats milk.

Recently we added a wonderful Jersey Cow, “Maggie” our jersey is milking way too much extra milk and we will also have days available for fresh milk with tons of cream on top. Come out and meet her!!

We are loving that cream line!

We milk with a machine, on concrete and chill immediately in a 32 degree cooler. Makes the milk sweet and tasty. Your milk will be date stamped so you know you are getting the freshest possible milk, from only one milking

5.00 per half gallon
7.00 per gallon ( 2 half gallon jars)

You can provide your own jars or purchase jars from us. We charge $5.00/jar: all jars are 1/2 gallon jars. Keep in mind that you will have jars with you and jars left here at the farm, depending on your needs. You must return your jars each week for your next weeks milk. Please return jars, clean, sanitized and dry. You select a day of the week you want to pick up your milk weekly. Every week you are able to come to the farm and pick up your milk. We are located on Hwy 123 in Western Grove

Milk will be available for approximately 6 to 9 months a year. Does/cow  will be dried off a 2 month period of growing strong healthy babies.

Our animals are fed premium quality alfalfa/grass hay, have free pasture time and a 16-18% grain mix and Black Oil sunflower seeds while milking. They also have fresh water, and mineral available to them year round. Should the need arise for other medications all withdraw times are followed according to the medication label. This goat would be milked last and all milk discarded for that period of time.

We also raise Hair Sheep ( They shed) and chickens, for fresh farm eggs! Along with several bee hives, the farm is just buzzing!

Come see the farm! This can give you an opportunity to get to know the animals, visit the farm and participate in the wonderful experience of local sustainable farming.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

We look forward to working with you!

Please contact us for availability. 

Important Info.

We have a alot of requests for milk. First, here are a few guidelines for our milk sales!

  1. Regular weekly milk customers have priority. If you want to be a weekly customer please let us know what days and times are best. And will do our best to set you up

  2. One time sales need at least 24 hrs advanced notice. And Goats milk at least 24-48 hours notice.

  3. We don’t have a self serve cooler yet so pick ups need to be by apt and please be on time, we are busy and have lives, we don’t want to be waiting all day, please let us know if you have an emergency and going to be late. If you call and order milk and don’t show you could be put on our lowest priority list, or possibly have to be prepaid