Wine not Vinegar

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‘Last year I took it upon myself to learn how to make wine. Personally am not much a wine drinker, so am shooting form the hip as it were. First, in the recipe book was apple juice wine, ( from canned apple juice) then raspberry, sweet apple wine, raspberry current ( had a bag of extra currents in the freezer) and more adventurous Cranberry wine. This summer was able to grab the chokecherries before the birds and made wine from them. Well the first wine had been sitting in my closest and to tell the truth was not very nice to them. But the other day racked them ( change containers) and whala, I have wine! this week hope to bottle them up and make pretty labels. ( the towels are to keep it dark and preserve the color.) You can see the airlock on each one, that is to keep out outside ( hence bad) air, but also let the wine breath.


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